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Trusteeship role

The sanctity of the trusteeship role given to the Native Land Trust Board by the indigenous landowner is "unequalled in our time". Those words spoken by Ratu Sukuna during the 1940 debate on the Native Land Trust Bill rings true today as it was more than 60 years ago. The indigenous landowner had unconditionally put his total faith behind this organisation when he entrusted the administration of his land to the Board. It is the Board’s sacred duty to protect that trust.

Historical records show that Ratu Sukuna spent at least four years consulting the various indigenous landowning communities in Fiji before consensus was reached for the establishment of the Native Land Trust Board. Approval was first obtained from the various mataqali (clan) and yavusa (tribe) before it was endorsed by the respective provincial councils and the Bose Levu Vakaturaga.

The Bose Levu Vakaturaga, the Fijian Affairs Board and the President appoint the trustees to the Board. As these institutions are the voices of the indigenous people, they singularly and collectively carry the mandate of the indigenous Fijian.

The trustees are responsible for the administration of native land on behalf of the native owner. In that regard, the trustee must see that the interest of the landowner is never compromised. The trustee is the common voice of the indigenous landowner who is required to work in partnership with government in the development of Fiji.

The Native Land Trust Board controls and administers about 84 per cent (84%) of the landmass in Fiji. Native land under its control encompasses kilometres of beachfront, flatlands, and every other landform of unlimited usage. The Board must ensure that any development over native land will bring the best economical return to the present and future landowner.


"To achieve full and effective participation of Fijian/native landowners in national and economic development"


Native Land,our heritage our future


NLTB is committed to the achievement of its Mission Statement as set out below:

  1. Provide and promote attractive land products.
  2. Provide and deliver reliable land services to our stakeholders in the most effective manner.
  3. Ensure the landowners receive a fair market value for their land and resources.
  4. Promote sustainable land use practices.
  5. Enhance partnerships with government and other stakeholders contributing to nation building. 
  6. Encourage investment and savings for native landowners.
  7. Provide and harmonious and productive working environment
  8. Implement and enhance our human capital management framework
  9. Comply and review relevant laws affecting native land.
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