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Native land, managed by NLTB, comprises 87% of all the land in Fiji and was permanently deeded by the British Crown in the 1880’s.  To put it simply, this land cannot be sold. It will forever remain as property of the landowning unit unless sold back to the State and then solely for public purpose.  Native land is available for public use by lease agreement.  Leases can vary from 30 years for agricultural purposes up to 99 years for most other uses (commercial, residential, etc).

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- What is Native Land?

- How secure is it?

- How do I acquire it?

  • Native Land is the overwhelming percentage of Fiji property (87%) and is generally available for long-term lease purposes of up to 99 years.
  • Leases are administrated and managed by NLTB and lease applications are provided online or at our offices.
  • A Lessee’s ability to renew its lease after expiration is extremely friendly and easy to renew (See Truth vs. Fiction).
  • Finally, due to the fact that native land involves a property lease rather than an outright purchase, this results in a highly favorable investment decision when calculating your land acquisition costs.

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- How protected is my

- How do I maximize its value?

- How do I lease it?

  • As a landowner, above all else you can rest assured that your property is PROTECTED and SECURE.
  • Your land is managed by NLTB and our expertise is in locating, accepting and awarding leases based on critical criteria in regards to land value, use, payments and eco logical impact.
  • If you are considering leasing your property, simply
    contact the NLTB and we will help assist you with all the required processing.

Operating a business in Fiji generally requires a physical location. As Fiji continues to grow and makes its presence felt in the world markets for Tourism, Agriculture, and Business Commerce, it is a virtual certainty that the requirements for utilization of Native Land will expand dramatically. We here at NLTB are positioned to assist both investors and land owners in bridging the gap to ensure great success for both parties. For further information about Native Land and NLTB responsibilities, please peruse our website or Contact Us with your inquiry.

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