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Manager Attends Land Review Workshop


The Manager Central Eastern, Solomoni Nata and Senior Land Use Planner, Samisoni Matasere last week attended a workshop that discussed the review of the Land Conservation and Improvement Act Cap 141.

The Act has been in existence since 1953, but apart from minor amendments over the years, there has been no critical review of its continued effectiveness in addressing changing land management practices and demands.

Amendments to regulations under the Act have been proposed that would be consistent with national policies, while complementing other land-related legislation. The Nadi Catchment Area will be the pilot project for the proposed amendments.

Some proposed amendments include renaming the Land Conservation Board the Land and Water Resources Board, expanding the Board’s statutory functions, providing financial incentives for landowners and farmers to implement sustainable land and water technology, and expanding the Board membership to better reflect current stakeholder interests. The Director of Agriculture, for example, will no longer be Chairperson of the Board – that position will be filled by an independent Chairperson. There are also provisions for offending parties to remedy breaches by compensation.

The Board membership will now also include a representative of the National Council of Women, the Fiji Sugar Corporation and the Native Land Trust Board.

The proposed amendments will not interfere with existing lease arrangements under ALTA or NLTA. At the workshop, the NLTB also advised caution on the possible far-reaching implications of the proposed amendments, especially on the ordinary villager, whose reliance on subsistence farming must not be affected by the over-exuberance of the lawmakers in enforcing the law. 

Other participants at the workshop included representatives from related government ministries, non-governmental and regional organizations, and the University of the South Pacific.

31st January 2008


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