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The Native Land Trust Board has a new Public Relations unit.

General Manager, Semi Tabakanalagi, says the unit has been set up to effectively respond to the concerns of all stakeholders of the Board, especially the landowners.

“The general public will have been fully aware of the issues raised in the past, especially by the landowners and investors,” said Mr Tabakanalagi.

“Public debate through the media regarding land issues has, on the whole, been noteworthy,” he said.

“But while many of the views expressed by individuals and groups have deserved attention and merited addressing by the Board” he added, “others have been misinformed and require more dialogue and communication between the Board and aggrieved parties.”

“The Board has, on the whole, never veered from its core functions,” Mr Tabakanalagi said, “but it’s important that the public be made aware of that, so that there is more understanding of its statutory role.”

“This new Public Relations unit, it is hoped will enable the NLTB to achieve that, so that it can more effectively and efficiently serve its stakeholders.”

“Furthermore,” said Mr Tabakanalagi, “it will also ensure more transparency and accountability of NLTB operations in general.”

All media and other public relations enquiries should now be directed to either Nimilote Naivalumaira on extension 506 or Alipate Mataitini on extension 602.


22nd January 2008





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