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                   NLTB’S CLARIFIES ROLE IN CBUL


 The setting up of the Committee on Better Utilsation of Land (CBUL) is the current response to the need to resolve the land issue.

The Native Land Trust Board has never veered from its role as custodian of native land. As such the interests of the native landowners will remain paramount as far as the NLTB is concerned.

That notwithstanding, the NLTB is well aware of its social responsibility in helping achieve an equitable resolution in response to the concerns of all native land tenants about security of tenure.

It is in that light that the NLTB will exercise its core role, which is the reason the Board has opted to be part of the CBUL – to assist the Committee in steering discussions that will be of benefit to all stakeholders.

Indeed, the interim Prime Minister himself has stressed that the CBUL will be required to work closely with the NLTB on this.

If the result will be better economic returns for landowners while at the same time safeguarding their other interests, the NLTB will have little reservation in supporting this initiative.


25 January, 2008

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