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A course is currently under way at the Head Office designed to increase the capacity of NLTB field officers in the implementation of the Board’s Land Use Master Plans for the Nadi-Lautoka and the Lami-Nausori corridors.

The master plans will eventually result in the better, more orderly, and more efficient use of all native land available for lease, with obvious better returns to landowners. The plans also recognize the conflict between land use and the need for zoning in order to manage land use activities while being mindful of the effects on the environment.

NLTB regional officers will implement the master plans, some of whom are attending the course, which will enable them to prepare scheme and engineering plans on specific zoned areas within the corridors.

The Research and Development Unit has drawn up a 14-week training course which entails training modules ranging from master planning, scheme planning, engineering planning, project management and project supervision.

It involves the carrying out of feasibility studies, formation planning, road alignment, design and specification, sewage and water design and zoning.

The tendering process and awarding of contracts are also topics that will be discussed in this course.

Manager Research and Development, Mr Sevanaia Tabua says this holistic type of training is what field officers need to undergo in order to be able to more efficiently implement the Master Plan.

“We’re fortunate that with the use of computer technology, the NLTB will be able to better plan the use of native land available for lease so that landowners can get much-improved returns for their land,” said Mr Tabua.

“The leasing process will also be much more streamlined and, therefore, more efficient since everything will be planned down to the last detail.”

“Once our officers gain competency in this aspect of their job, our services should be more efficient and greatly benefit not only landowners, but leaseholders as well,” he said.

The course is being conducted by JICA Senior Volunteer Terashime Tokushi, and attended by six NLTB staff – Niumaia Bale and Iosefo Rede based in the North, Wilson Joshua of the Lautoka Office, Naibuka Waisele of the Central Eastern Office, and Eseroma Kuruwale and Poingo Lisati, based in Suva.

1 April, 2008

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