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Why Tourism Investment  On Native Land?

Native land is untouched.  Fiji has over 300 beautiful islands and 88% of the land mass is categorized as Native Land; tourism is not also the main export earner but also a main player in the infrastructure, development and employment provider for Fiji’s economy and its people.

Your tourism development will benefit the grass root people, that is, the nearby villages especially the clan/Mataqali members. Your contribution will uplift their standard of living and the other communities in the nearby periphery of your project development.

The Fijian grass root people are one of the most friendliest and hospitable people on earth; this has been the main attraction for tourists to visit our paradise apart from the sun, sand and sea and its integral location in the centre of the South Pacific.

Rich in culture, folklore, heritage and wildlife

We encourage sustainable tourism practices. This is a must in most areas to safeguard our resources, culture, traditional heritage, wildlife, environment and people’s identity.


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