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" The success of Natadola Marine Resort’s development belongs to the permanent cooperation between Native Land Trust Board, the landowners and the developer. NLTB always make themselves available to advice both developer and landowners on what land will be suitable for their purposes or even helping to contact and facilitate the negotiations. NLTB, the only structure in South Pacific who is representing the landowner’s rights, follows this development since the beginning and will support it until its accomplishment.

Therefore, thank to the Trustee, the landowners of the Natadola Marine Resort area, from “Sanasana Village”, are informed of what it’s suitable for them and for their future generation. The sustainability of the NMR development is depending of this daily cooperation and communication between NLTB, the landowners and the developer. This will encourage landowners’ participation in the development by ensuring them a fully understanding of the project and of the future business opportunities.
Mr. Jonetani Doro, Chairman of Sanasana Development Committee

We encourage lessees/hotel operators to promote similar initiatives that will ensure better coordination with the Fijian landowners and sustainable benefits for them, for Fiji and all of investors.

Gerard Saliot
Natadola Marina Resort

" A Popolar Mith about Native Land is that is unsecured and hard to obtain. Well our experiences with NLTB have been very encouraging.There seems to be a lack of understanding and potentialy that has not been fully explored by potential investors into Fiji. "

John Smith, Developer
Sheraton Hotels, Fiji


" I have been dealing with the Native Land Trust Board (NLTB) over the last 18 years, mainly the Western Division, but of late also the Tourism Section based in Suva. Over this 18 year period I’ve found that the Board has kept pace with the recent surge in project interest especially through the Yasawa Group and Western Division of Viti Levu. The most notable change I’ve seen is in the streamlining of the processing and handling, from enquiry stage right through to the final lease being granted. It is my opinion that as never before the NLTB represents both the landownerand the developer in an even-handed and professional manner. "

George Stock
Managing Director

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